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It differs in meaning between the word "information" and the word "knowledge", classical definitions and reflection on common and uncommon points.

Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of facts, truths or information obtained through experience or learning, that is, through introspection.

Knowledge is the self-awareness of the possession of information connected to each other, which, taken individually, have a lower value and utility. "Knowledge" is a term that has different meanings depending on the context, but has somehow to do with the concepts of meaning, information, education, communication, representation, learning and mental stimulation. The essential aspect of knowledge is that while information can exist independently of who can use it, and therefore can somehow be stored on any type of medium, knowledge exists only in so far as there is a mind capable of containing it. Indeed, when one claims to have made knowledge explicit, one is actually discussing about the information that composes it.

Basically, knowledge exists only insofar as there is an intelligence that can use it.

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