The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird

The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird.

The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird

Nature is a talented artist, otherwise, let's say, we admire the beautiful light of the unique color of some species of birds. One of these wonderful creations of nature is the golden pheasant (Chrisolophus pictus). China has given such beauty to the world, it is a subtropical Chinese jungle inhabited by birds. There are many different species of these birds, but the golden pheasant is considered the most popular among those involved in bird breeding.

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A Colorful Bird:

If we talk about pheasant pheasants, then all the main decorations are: wide, long crest and steps, a long tail in the shape of a roof, which has 18 feathers. Another special decoration is a beautiful collar, it is like a shallow, with it look the pride and importance of birds, like a nobleman.

Golden pheasant - a description of a bird that deserves attention. The color of this golden miracle is extremely bright and justifies the name of this race. The man's head is decorated with a yellow gold spout, his neck is "dressed" in a necklace of the same color, and again it is gold. Women cannot boast of such rich clothes, brown feathers with red tones predominate in the feathers. Against the background of their "gentlemen", "ladies" look more than modest. Famous people of these birds call its wild form red-pheasant red-gold.

Adolescent men are very similar to women, the only difference is that they can be found only on the left tail and red dots scattered all over the body. The total length of an adult male is about 100-150 cm. The female is half larger: 65-70 cm. Legs and beak, both in "boy" and in "girls" in yellow.

Life in a natural environment:

The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird

There are populations of 10-20 years. Golden pheasant in the UK. The birds settled in coniferous forests of pine and larch. They choose their place of residence in such a way that the bushes are replaced by the famines in which they feed. Very dense forests, as well as completely open and wet places do not like pheasants.

The golden pheasant bird is found only in nature in mountain forests. Her favorite place is the bamboo race at the foot of the rocky mountains. This bird can also be visited on tea plantations, agricultural fields. Places for her as a dining room, where the table is constantly set with your favorite food. After harvest and harvest, the grain remains, so the dandruff beauties are fed there as well.

In the wild, pheasants really do not like company ions prefer to be left alone or in small groups, create a family during the mating season and separate. An interesting fact is that in case of danger, the "golden" bird simply disappears, instead of flying away, which would seem more efficient. Only when there is no other way out does he remember being able to fly. A runaway bird - isn't it amazing?

What feeds the golden pheasant - luxury chicken:

These luxurious chicken foods, they might say, are the same as simple chickens. The main diet - vegetables and cereals. In nature, they like to boast of flowers, especially rhododendrons. Bamboo shoots for these feathered gourmands, like candy for children. From time to time, "golden" vegetarians withdraw from the established menu and eat a few spiders and bugs.

During the day the birds spend more time on the ground in search of food, spend the night at night and take a very tall tree for this. They prefer to spend the night at high altitude.

Golden pheasant: breeding and reproduction in natural conditions:

The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird

Nice pheasant mating games in mid-spring. As soon as the first spring time begins, the men start screaming, screaming day and night. Therefore, they inform about the beginning of the token. These serenades are so loud that a person who is too close wants to close their ears. Women like these "songs" - this is important!

Until he goes just because of his chosen golden pheasant. A colorful bird, in order to present them with bright feathers, begins to play. During the wedding dance, the woman makes her choice, after which the birds immediately get married. Sometimes, in order to defend the object of worship, males organize the whole massacre.

Female pheasants are already ready to spread. In the first year, males go a long way. At the end of the second year of life, the pheasant can mate efficiently. In nature, the female lays 5 to 12 eggs, climbing for this in the thick grass or in the bamboo bushes. The incubation period lasts 21-24 days.

The chicks, coming out of the eggs, do not leave the nest. Two days, after this period, the children are happy to follow their mother, they run after her in search of food. After 2 weeks, the pheasant started making its first flights, since it learned to fly, it can already sleep with its mother on a tree. The "golden" mother is very caring, she thinks and raises chickens only on her. The "golden" dad is not involved in the family trouble. He gathers 2-3 females around him, gets offspring from them and "washes his paws". That was the end of his mission to continue the race.

How golden pheasants are bred in captivity:

The Golden Pheasant: A Colorful Bird

It has been considered the golden pheasant inhabitant of Europe for several hundred years, it was brought here a long time ago. It grows quite successfully in captivity. Mature breeders compare the female pheasant with the chicken: they eat grain, incubate the chickens, and later show them as an ordinary domestic chicken.

When maintaining the house, the female starts laying eggs from April, 1 egg every other day. They can be selected, leaving only the last laying of 12-15 eggs to the pregnant woman, in this case you can get up to 30 pieces from one layer. When the female sits down to lay the baby, do not forget to isolate the male, otherwise you risk not expecting offspring. A careless dad has a bad habit of hatching eggs or beating his mother's nest.

It is recommended to feed the chicken larvae of insects, worms. It is also useful for children to prepare a mixture of finely chopped meat, chopped boiled eggs, grated carrots, lettuce and crushed crackers. From the age of one month, no personal care is required for young people. Adult chickens stop noticing their parent and live completely independently.


To date, the golden pheasant has not been revealed to all nature lovers. In its natural environment, this has not yet been fully understood. It can be said with certainty that the terrible prospect of extinction and extinction of this wonderful bird is not endangered. In nature, they are not numerous, but this fact is compensated by the fact that there are a large number of "golden" birds in zoos, reserves, nurseries and simply private estates. Golden pheasants with their bright feathers and beautiful, elegant body shape can decorate any chicken coop, and they feel quite comfortable in captivity.

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