Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen

Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen.

Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen

Appearance and physical characteristics:

The macaw (also called scarlet macaw) is a parrot of the ara genus of imposing size. In fact, it measures about 85 cm (including the long tail) and the weight exceeds one kilogram. It is quite widespread in captivity even if less than the ararauna, probably due to the higher cost.

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It is a very colorful parrot and its plumage is one of my favorites. Likewise, it has an elongated body and a very long tail, the head is red and has the typical white bare skin of the ara genus on the cheeks and in the area around the eye, the beak is very robust with the upper part white and the lower part black. The plumage of the body and tail is of an intense red except the initial part of the latter which is blue, the wings change from red in the upper part to yellow with some green reflections in the intermediate part up to blue in the area of the remiges and the paws are gray.

It is able to reach 80 years of age, more or less the life of a person, therefore this aspect must also be taken into account if you decide to take one. Dimorphism is absent, except for a very experienced eye, so to be sure of the sex of your parrot, molecular sexing is necessary, a non-invasive and inexpensive practice.

Character and behavior:

Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen

The macaw is a fairly noisy parrot, this is due in particular to the very powerful voice, essential for communicating with its fellows in the Amazon rainforest. It is therefore not suitable for condominium life, unless everyone is willing to endure the loud sounds emitted. Fortunately for our ears, they are not emitted as frequently as other parrot species do.

Another characteristic of it is that it is a particularly affectionate parrot, but you have to dedicate several every day to maintaining your relationship. When sexual maturity arrives, in some moments it can be more suspicious and surly, but if managed properly previously you will not have particular problems. It is very important to manage it correctly because otherwise there is the risk of it self-depleting, it is a pathology present in particular in very intelligent parrots.

At home, he is very active, so he needs to have an area of a few meters in which to fly from one place to another. Another aspect to consider concerns socialization with all family members, it is very important for a peaceful coexistence.


The feeding of a macaw must be particularly diversified, thus using many types of fruit and vegetables. In addition to these 2 essential foods, a bowl containing extrusions suitable for macaws must always be available. The cuttlefish bone is always available to supplement the calcium and to file the large beak.

A mix of seeds can be given 2-3 times a week as well as dried fruit, which is usually quite high in fat. The latter can also be used as a reward for completing a game or skill exercise. Occasionally berries, flowers and buds may also be given, making sure of course they are not toxic to the parrot. In nature, it also appreciates feeding on the ground, so you can also put something at floor height.


Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen

The cage of a macaw must be a lot of space, given the length of the tail and the wingspan. In my view, a cage of at least 120 cm long x 80 cm deep x 150 cm high is needed. I personally recommend buying a top opening cage, or even better with an area with bowls and perch above the cage.

However, an area should be created inside the house, perhaps near the cage, with a perch and some toys so that it has a place to stay when it is out. Obviously he will want to spend time near you too, so that will have to be the alternative. Otherwise, the risk is that the alternatives will become chandeliers, furniture, television etc ... and considering the particularly powerful beak, it will not take long to do damage. The possibility of getting wet every day should also be given, even the shower or the sink can be ideal places to prevent the whole floor from getting wet.


The macaw is particularly intelligent and easily trained, which is why it is often used in circus performances. It is a parrot capable of speaking relatively well, although not at the levels of a gray and Amazon. In any case, I think that the word is only one of the aspects for which a parrot is chosen rather than another.


Scarlet Macaw: The Most Beautiful South American Queen

The breeding and reproduction of the macaw in captivity are complex but not impossible, indeed. It adapts easily to all climates of Italy, so from this point of view there are no problems. In nature, the couple is monogamous and usually nests in the hollows of the tallest trees. Spawning takes place once a year, in which the female lays two or three eggs which are hatched for about 26 days. The chicks appear from the nest towards the third month of life but leave it only at about six months.

The little ones can stay with their parents for some time even after weaning, obviously if the size of the aviary allows it. Sexual maturity is reached around 5-6 years of age. The nest must have thick wooden walls of 55 cm x 70 cm x 100 cm with a hole diameter of 22 cm. It is convenient to make 2 or 3 nests available, perhaps of different sizes and shapes so that the couple can choose the one they prefer most. A little shaving should be placed in the bottom of the nest.

Where they live in nature:

The macaw is native to Central and South America. It lives in the forests, both in flat and hilly areas, to go up to 1000 meters of altitude. Due to the destruction of its habitat it has already disappeared from some areas and is very rare in others, except for the deep Amazon where it is still quite common. There are currently some conservation and reintroduction programs in the wild, with very satisfactory results in some cases.

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