Roses: The Queen Of Flowers.

Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

Roses are flowers that usually express positive emotions. If you are planning to buy roses from someone of your own, make sure you know the message they are transmitting but also inform the recipient of their message. Flowers are not just a random gift. They have hidden messages and their purpose is to convey them in the sweetest, most beautiful and most fragrant way.

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Roses: Learn the Hidden Meaning of Every Color!

Many flowers hide messages from the sender to the recipient, but most of them we do not know. It's nice to be able to send the right message without having to write a word. So find out what messages the roses hide depending on their color.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

The red color in roses is the most common and hides a message that we all now know very well. Red means love and affection of any kind and form. The red roses will give the right message and everyone will recognize it at once.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

White used to be a rather melancholy color and meant "heart without love". Over the years white has been adopted as the color of purity and innocence. It slowly became the most common color at weddings, christenings, anniversaries and swearing-in ceremonies.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

Pink is one of the most appropriate colors for roses. It means grace and is related to feelings of love and gratitude. With the evolution of cultivation techniques a wider range of pink shades has been created and the messages have become more specific. It is said that the darker shade of pink in roses expresses gratitude and appreciation, while the lighter pink is associated with kindness and admiration.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

The peach color on the roses expresses modesty. The soft peach color is an indicative characteristic of shy people and for this reason its importance is modesty, sensitivity and purity. It is also used as a sample to seal an agreement.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

The purple color and violet shades express charm. It is also the color that expresses love at first sight. The sender of the purple roses usually wants to express how fascinated he is with the recipient and because he can not express his excitement in words, he sends roses to show that he can not resist even for a few hours the object of his desire.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

This deep red hint refers to love and affection but its deep meaning is different. It represents the beauty of the recipient and is the perfect confidence booster.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

Are you in love with your best friend? Then the orange rose is right for you. Because as a color it reminds us of fire, it usually addresses dangerous situations such as those of love with a very good friend. The color orange was discovered in the 20th century when red was mixed with yellow. So it expresses something very fresh, but also risky. In general, it can be used as a thank you, to give congratulations or to say I love you in a simpler and spontaneous way.


Rose: The Queen Of Flowers

If they bring you yellow roses, first make sure that the sender does not know their message, because if he knows, it might be better to bring them to his head. Yellow means infidelity and we wholeheartedly wish you never to receive a bouquet of yellow roses.

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