Dolphin: One Of The Smartest Animals in The World

Dolphin: One Of The Smartest Animals in The World.

Dolphin: One Of The Smartest Animals in The World


It has a total of 4 colors. Dark brown dorsal fin with white patch, dark brown back. On the sides, in front of the dorsal, it has the color of the yellow of the beach and below the dorsal, on the sides, a characteristic dark color in an inverted triangular shape.

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Until 1994, scientists thought there was only one species of Common Dolphin, but later realized that there were at least two species belonging to the genus Delphinus: the Common Short-tailed Dolphin ( Delphinus delphis ), found in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Common Dolph ( Delphinus capensis ) with distribution of the coasts of tropical and temperate oceans. Due to the high morphological variability of this genus, some authors have suggested the existence of an endemic subspecies in the Black Sea ( Delphinus delphis ponticus ), but its taxonomic status has not yet been agreed.

The Common Dolphin is a medium-sized dolphin, with a slender body and a sickle-shaped dorsal fin with a pointed tip. Despite its name, it has a moderately long beak, clearly differentiated from the melon. The lateral fins are thin and pointed.

Dolphin: One Of The Smartest Animals in The World

Coloring is the main feature of this species. The dorsal and lateral parts of the body are dark, with an inverted triangular shape. The abdomen is white or light colored. It has an hourglass design on both sides of the body. The lateral part of the body is yellowish or ocher and the posterior part is grayish.

It has between 80 and 120 small, sharp and pointed teeth on each jaw.

Adult Common Dolphins are between 1.7 and 2.7 meters long. And between 0.7 and 1 meter at birth. They show sexual dimorphism, males are slightly larger (5%) than females, not only in terms of total body length but also in places such as the skull. Adult males have a hump that occurs after birth (Neumann et al., 2002) and is thought to be related to testicular size and helps females choose the healthiest male in terms of reproduction. (Murphy & Rogan, 2006). In this case the males with the largest hump would have larger testicles and therefore higher sperm production.

Eating Habits:

Dolphin: One Of The Smartest Animals in The World

It feeds mainly on fish, squid, octopuses and shellfish, which it locates at depths of up to 200 meters.


This species is commonly found throughout the Mediterranean but also in all oceans. It is a pelagic species and is usually observed in marine areas that have a depth of more than 200 meters.

Distinctive features:

Dolphins are easily recognized by the gray and white stripes that start in the eye area and continue along the dorsal and lateral sides of their body.

Main threats:

Overfishing that causes the reduction of food stocks from which they feed, chemical and plastic pollution of water, underwater noise pollution as well as by-catch,  habitat degradation.

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