Water Lily: One Of The Holiest Plants In The World

Water lily: One Of The Holiest Plants In The World.

Water Lily: One Of The Holiest Plants In The World

The water lily is considered one of the holiest plants in the world and hides symbolism in many eastern cultures. Externally the symmetry and colors of the plant are impressive. The flowers reach up to 30 cm in diameter and have a variety of colors white, red, purple or pink.

It is the only flower that has a life cycle, according to a Town & Country article. With its roots sealed in the mud, it sinks every night in water of aquatic landscapes and blooms amazingly the next morning, clean and bright.

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In many cultures, this process connects the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.

To the Egyptians, the flower represents the universe. In Hindu culture, it is said that the gods sat on thrones made of water lilies. While Buddhist history states that the Buddha appeared on a floating water lily and in his first steps on Earth left his flowers.

Magical properties and symbolism:

The flower of rebirth is believed to contain magical properties. The ancient Egyptians believed that he had the ability to raise the dead. Maybe that's why it is offered today to anyone recovering from injury or traumatic experience.

Each color also has its own symbolism. To Buddhists, a white water lily symbolizes purity, while a yellow one is associated with spiritual ascension.

Water Lily: One Of The Holiest Plants In The World

The blue opens its flowers during the day and closes them at night while the white water lily does the opposite. For this reason the ancient Egyptians had associated the plant with the separation of their deities, into deities of the upper and lower worlds.

But the flower also has a fascinating will to live. A seed can withstand thousands of years without water, capable of germinating two centuries later.

The flower blooms in the most incredible places, such as the muddy waters of rivers in Australia or South Asia. Not only does it find shelter in the dirt, but due to the waxy protective layer on its petals, its beauty is not affected when it blooms every morning.

According to the Buddhist tradition, living with unwavering faith, as the water lily does, ensures the most beautiful daily rebirth.

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