The Pig: Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs

The Pig: Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs!

The Pig: Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs

Animals with high intelligence are pigs, as according to a new study by American neuroscientists from Emory University, they have a higher IQ than dogs, and are able to solve problems and puzzles like chimpanzees.

The researchers hope that their findings will make people change their minds about the clever animals, which are bred mainly for their meat.

The new findings:

The researchers meta-analyzed previous studies on the intelligence of pigs and other animals and compared their results. So they saw that pigs have a very strong long-term memory, while they have "talent" in solving puzzles, finding the way out of mazes, etc., but also in solving tests related to determining the location of various objects.

Pigs, as it turned out, can still understand simple symbolic language and learn complex combinations of symbols that translate into actions and objects.

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Pigs in action:

A few months ago, the German Nicole von Eberkoff from Berlin, had posted on YouTube, an impressive video starring Moritz, her pet pig who easily solved puzzles in front of the camera lens. And Moritz became an internet "star".

During the video, Moritz's owner asks him to solve a puzzle by placing the colored wooden pigs in their respective colored positions on a wooden base.

The Pig: Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs

The piglet seems to carry out the order, placing the pieces with his mouth in place, without any help, while at the end of the exercise he devours the delicacy of his reward with great appetite and joy.

According to American scientists, pigs love toys. It has even been observed that many times for their entertainment they indulge in "fake fights" in the form of play, just like dogs do. Previous studies have also shown that pigs have increased empathy - that is, the ability to identify emotionally with those around them.

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