The Greyhound: Greyhound At A Glance

The Greyhound: Greyhound At A Glance.
The Greyhound: Greyhound At A Glance

General description:

Greyhound also called: Afghan hound, Irish greyhound, Italian greyhound, Russian greyhound, Spanish greyhound, English greyhound, galgo greyhound, whippet greyhound, greyhound, saluki greyhound, Persian greyhound, barzoi, azawakh, sloughi, magyar agar

Greyhounds are breeds that have a very ancient relationship with humans. Born to accompany in hunting, they have been at the side of man practically in every corner of the world. For this, there are many different races, ranging from the Middle East to Africa, from the United States to Ireland, from Russia to Italy. Inside, the large family of Greyhounds has small and large dogs, with long or very short hair, quiet and sleepy or lively and full of energy. Healthy and sturdy, these dogs are often also very long-lived. They are characterized by a long and thin muzzle and a slender, muscular build, made for running and speed. Their particular character makes them sometimes called "snobs", but in reality, they are simply more reserved and respectful dogs than others.

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Recognized variants:








Magyar agar

little Italian greyhound



Greyhound At A Glance:

Height from 33 to 81 cm

Weight from 3 to 43 kg

Longevity from 6 to 20 years.

The Greyhound: Greyhound At A Glance

Appearance And Attributes:

Within the large family of greyhounds, we go from small dogs (just over 30 centimeters tall, like the Piccolo Italian Greyhound) to giant ones (like the Polacco, which reaches 80 centimeters at the withers, and the Irish Wolfhound, which is considered to be the largest breed in the world). The Greyhound in general has a long and relatively narrow skull. It is characterized by a light stop. The neck is long and rather defined in muscularity, to allow the classic proud bearing. The loin is characteristic, broad and relatively short. The Greyhound's coat allows admission of all colors.

Physical characteristics admitted by the standard:

Colors: red, fawn, sesame, white, piebald, gray, grizzled, black, blue, merle, honey, harlequin, apricot, silver, brown, liver, lemon, orange, mouse, cream, chocolate, brown, cinnamon, tan, sand

Hair: smooth, silky, curly, short, long

Coat: markings, two-tone, tricolor, uniform

Character and temperament:

5 4 3 21"Usually sensitive dog, although there is a variety from breed to breed"

Again, the sensitivity level of greyhounds varies from breed to breed. They range from the very sensitive Afghan Hound - a true champion of sweetness and love - to the more independent and "wild" Azawakh. In most cases, however, the Greyhounds are sensitive dogs, which perceive any change in the owner's mood and tend to suffer from a lack of consistency and constancy.

Affection for the family:

5 4 3 21"Very fond of his family"

As you have already noticed, the great family of the Greyhounds has within it a great variety of sizes and characters. But despite this, all Greyhounds love their family passionately. Sweet and loving, they are not exuberant like other dogs and express their affection in a more contained way, but they love no less.

The Greyhound: Greyhound At A Glance

Relationship with strangers:

5 4 3 21"The various races have different attitudes towards strangers"

Some Greyhounds are curious and jovial even with strangers (even if always in their elegant and polite way), while others tend to defend their home and family and to be very suspicious. In the first case, the big and playful Irish Greyhounds are included, in the second the much more cautious Saluki.

Social with other dogs:

5 4 3 21" Dog usually sociable with his fellow men"

One thing is certain: Greyhounds are special dogs, which have a relationship of affection but also of mutual respect with humans, never servile. They also have a special relationship with other animals. Towards dogs, they prove to be sociable, never aggressive, territorial, or dominant, and generally do not give problems of coexistence.

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