The Bleeding Heart Flowers: The mystery of its color change

The Bleeding Heart Flowers: The mystery of its color change.

The Bleeding Heart Flowers: The mystery of its color change

A herbaceous, perennial, Bleeding Heart Flowers appears in early spring and then rather ephemeral, dying fairly quickly by next year. In general, they will bloom again the same color they did the following year, but not always because, yes, Bleeding Heart Flowers can change color.

Why do Bleeding Heart Flowers change color?

There are several reasons for a bleeding change of heart. Just to get over it, the first reason may be, are you sure you planted a pink Bleeding Heart Flowers? If the plant is blooming for the first time, it may have the wrong marking or if you received it from a friend, he or she may have thought it was pink but it is white.

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Okay, now that the obvious is out of the way, what are the other reasons for a change in bleeding in the heart? Well, if the plant has been allowed to reproduce through seeds, the cause may be a rare mutation or it may be due to a residual gene that has been suppressed for generations and is now being expressed.

The latter is less likely while the most probable cause is that the plants grown from the parent seeds did not become faithful to the mother plant. This is a fairly common phenomenon, especially among hybrids, and occurs throughout nature in both plants and animals. There may indeed be an underlying gene that is expressed that creates an interesting new feature, the Bleeding Heart Flowers of the heart that change color.

The Bleeding Heart Flowers: The mystery of its color change

Finally, although this is just a thought, there is a possibility that the bleeding of the heart changes color bloom due to the pH of the soil. This may be possible if the bleeding of the heart has been transferred to a different location in the garden. PH sensitivity to color variation is common among hydrangeas. maybe Bleeding Heart Flowers have a similar movement.

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