Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun

Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun.

Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun

Gazania flower:

It is a small but very decorative herbaceous plant and one of the strangest: its flowers open only to the sun and remain hidden at night and also when the sky is covered with clouds.

It is very easy to care for and grow, as it can be stored both in a pot and in any type of garden, small or large. Get to know this little plant better.

Origin and characteristics of Gazania flower:

Our protagonist is a perennial herbaceous plant native to South Africa. The genus consists of 19 species, the best known being The Gazania flower rigens. They are characterized by the presence of thin, more or less linear leaves, green on the upper side and shiny on the lower side. Its flowers, which grow from early spring to summer, are large, about 2-3 cm in diameter, and very different colors. (yellow, pink, red, orange).

It has a fairly fast growth rate of 30 cm in just one year. Plus, it doesn't take much care to be perfect, but let's look at it in more detail.

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What care is required?

If you would like to receive a copy, we recommend that you provide the following care:


It is very important to be outside, in sunny places as its flowers will only open if exposed to the sun's rays.

Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun


It should be frequent, especially in summer, when the earth loses its moisture faster. Yes, in the hottest season we will water every 2 days, while the rest of the year we will do it once or twice a week. If we have it in a pot with a plate underneath, we must remember to remove the excess water ten minutes after watering.


Garden: grows in all soil types, although it prefers light.

Flowerpot: we can use general culture medium mixed with 30% perlite.


Throughout the growing season, that is, From the beginning of spring to the end of summer, it is highly recommended fertilizing it with liquid fertilizers for flowering plants that will be found for sale in kindergartens. To avoid the risk of overdose, it is important to follow the instructions on the product packaging.


To keep it looking beautiful and also to avoid problems, we have to go remove the withered flowers and those leaves that look dry.

Wounds and diseases:

It usually does not. In a dry and hot environment we can see some lice of the plants that will be deposited on the flower buds and / or on the more tender leaves or in some Woodlouse. As the plant is very small, we can remove both parasites with a swab from the ears that are soaked in pharmacy alcohol.

Planting or transplanting time:

The best time to plant it in the garden or metamoschefste it, which incidentally we have to do every two years, is en spring when the danger of frost has passed.

Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun


Gazania flower is propagated by seeds in early spring following this step by step :

1) First, a nursery (pot, sapling tray, milk containers or yogurt cups) is filled with a universal culture medium. To improve drainage, we can mix it with 30% perlite.

2) Then a maximum of three seeds are spread in each nursery or well and covered with a thin layer of substrate.

3) Finally, it is watered, and the nursery is placed in sunny places.

The first seeds will germinate in the next 7-14 days at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius.


It can withstand frosts down to -5ÂșC as long as it is accurate and short-lived.

What is Gazania flower used for?

This little plant looks great in any corner. It can be used as a table plant or in the garden as a low border. We can combine it with other types of similar bearings, such as petunias or pansies, to create very beautiful compositions, both on the growers and on the ground.

As we have seen, with a little care we can have it perfect. It is frost tolerant and can be grown outdoors in a wide variety of climates, from tropical to warm temperate. Likewise, we need to know that even though we live in an area where the winter is very cold, we can keep it indoors in a room where a lot of natural light enters until temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius.

Gazania Flower: A Flower That Opens Only With The Sun

Where to buy it?

Being such a beautiful plant, we can really take it anywhere: nursery, garden shop, local markets. So sometimes it is difficult not to take more than one sample.

By following the steps we explained earlier, we can have many more copies at the same price, which is not a bad thing at all, right?

What do you think about Gazania flower? Do you have anyone?

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